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College Launches New Latin Motto

Champlain College SealEven Champlain College’s Latin motto, typically meant to evoke tradition and ancient wisdom, has been swept up in currents of change. In December 2007, Professor Sue Rowley, dean of the Education and Human Studies division, formed a committee with seniors on the College Council to replace the Latin motto chosen around 1960 by C. Bader Brouilette, the first president of Champlain. That motto, Suum Cuique, translates as “You get what you deserve” or “Every man for himself.”

“[It was] probably intended to mean self-reliance,” Rowley says, explaining that the Brouilette-era motto doesn’t reflect the College’s current “emphasis on teamwork and communication and interdisciplinary studies.”

Rowley led the students—Amber Blackstone ’08, Kimberly Blanchard ’08, Cole Brennan ’08, Ryan Davis ’08, Ryan Frank ’08, Thomas Hayes ’08, and Lindsey Rodstrom ’08—in discussions exploring their perceptions of Champlain. The resulting motto, Audeamus, translates as “Let us dare” or “How dare we” and references Champlain’s innovative character and challenging programs.

“Champlain is kind of cutting-edge,” Rowley adds, “and we do dare.”

Carolyn Fox '09

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