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Taking a Byte out
of Crime
A new center at Champlain College breaks virtual ground -- and forges real-world partnerships -- in the field of digital forensic investigation

Taking a Byte our of Crime
The Big Picture
The world may indeed feel, at times, like a global village -- thanks to border-transcending communications technology. As recent books by Champlain College faculty members illuminate, however...

To Be or Not to Be
Fattie B.

He’s one of the best-known personalities on the downtown Burlington music and art scene. Yet, over the past year or so, he’s appeared only vaguely familiar to the cultural cognoscenti.

To Be or Not to Be Fattie B.
From the President
When I talk with alumni, faculty, students, or our campus neighbors ... comments eventually come around to a common theme: change.
Little Fingers
In fall 2005, the author assisted with a polio vaccination campaign in Mumbia, India, while studying at Champlain College’s campus there as a Professional Writing major.
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Little Fingers

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