Spring 2005

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  Photography by Kathleen Landwehrle
  A peek inside Champlain's new building reveals a space where form and function meet in a cutting-edge pas de deux
  S.D. Ireland Family Center for Global Business and Technology



It’s going to take some time. Eventually, surely, students and faculty will adjust, even become jaded about working in the newly opened S.D. Ireland Family Center for Global Business and Technology. The soaring spaces, the luxury appointments, the dynamic environments designed to turn academics into action, will become the norm, as the College graduates class after class of students whose resumes and portfolios are packed with the real-world consulting work that’s part of the day-to-day life of this building. But for now, you’ll forgive us if we’re still a little giddy. The center, with its stunning array of technological resources, is more than people ever dreamed, says Lynne Ballard, chair of the business administration division. It’s the rare visitor (prospective student, parent, alumnus, whoever) who doesn’t come in and utter the same little word. Here, we invite you in for a look -- and dare you not to say, “Wow.”


A large, open lobby (left) features an interactive electronic display of student work and a screen running CNN to give students a sense of how changing world conditions relate to their studies. “The design was driven by the faculty,” says Ballard. “It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to say, ’To improve what I’m doing with students in my program, these resources would be awesome.’”

Row after row of interior and exterior windows -- in classrooms, in conference rooms, in faculty offices -- invite not only light, but also interaction, and make the energy and creativity within these spaces transparent to anyone looking in. A semicircular “flexible” conference room (opposite page, top right and, from the exterior, previous page), with full telecommunications capabilities, can be set up as an auditorium or arranged for groups to work in teams.


The Cornell Pavilion (above left), housing state-of-the-art resources for international trade, puts invaluable research tools in the hands of students working for the new Vermont Global Trade Partnership, which has offices in the building. The multimedia & graphic design and electronic game & interactive development programs live on the bottom floor, also known as the“oh-my-gosh” floor, for the reaction students have when they see the high-tech tools at their disposal (above right).


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