Whiting Hall

Whiting Hall Exterior203 South Willard Street

Walking Distance to Center of Campus: Approximately .11 miles

Whiting Hall is located in the heart of the residential campus on the corner of South Willard Street and Maple Street. Whiting is a Victorian-era mansion with beautiful original woodwork and three floors of student rooms. Whiting shares lawn space with McDonald Hall, and has a large front porch. On warm days, you will find residents playing Frisbee, studying under trees, and occasionally playing Slip ‘n Slide with their McDonald Hall neighbors! Whiting is home to approximately 44 primarily first year. Like all Champlain College residence halls, Whiting Hall has cable television and wireless internet. All residence halls are smoke and substance free, co-ed communities.

A Brief History of Whiting Hall

Year of Construction: 1876-77

Original Owner: John Drew

Year Purchased by Champlain College: 1967

Whiting Hall was probably built as a summer home for a prominent lawyer, John Drew. He died in 1879, but his widow resided there until 1888, when the house was sold to Alfred Whiting for $12,000. Whiting was the owner of a prosperous company that manufactured fibers for brushes. The Whiting family lived at this address until 1924, and then deeded the house to the University of Vermont, when it became the home for the then president of UVM, Guy Bailey. In 1942 the house became a UVM dormitory, and was called Elmwood Hall. In 1957, Frederick Smith purchased the dormitory and converted it back to private use. Champlain College purchased the house in 1967, and reconverted it to a dormitory. President Bader Brouilette decided to name it Whiting Hall in honor of the family that had resided there for so long. Whiting Hall's original Carriage House is used now by the College as the Advising Center [link to Advising Center].

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